A Win for Białowieża Forest

26 April 2018 | By Alana Fiero
Photo by: GreenPeace Polska

​Logging in Poland’s Białowieża Forest was ruled illegal by the EU’s highest court; anyone who fails to honor this ruling may be subjected to a multi-million euro fine. Heavy machinery has been removed from the area. Henryk Kowalczyk, Poland’s Environment Minister, and Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland’s Prime Minister, said that they will abide by the court’s ruling. Many are interpreting this response as a way to appease Brussels and potentially have more negotiating power during the EU’s next budget meeting. 

Photo by: Frank Vassen

Attention has now turned to the idea of replanting the park instead of allowing it to regenerate on its own, meaning certain areas would become “managed wood”. To preserve the integrity of the park, supporters are asking that it is given time to heal on its own. Greenpeace insists that the forest should be transformed into a national park to ensure that it remains protected. According to BBC, only 17% of the forest is currently designated as a national park. 

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