How we continue planting the future of Europe

27.1.2022 | By Josef Jarý
Photo by: Nadace Partnerství

Planting for the Future is our flagship tree planting initiative currently running in two EPA countries – Czech Republic Sázíme budoucnost and Slovakia Sadíme budúcnosť.

It all started in 2018 with our campaign celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia. Trees of Freedom was a real success.
Apart from searching for the contemporary witness trees and the stories of our ancestors who planted them, we have also decided to plant new trees in order to commemorate the anniversary in autumn 2018. We have now planted 7.755 new trees in total and experienced enormous support from local people and witnessed their passion for their homeland and its trees.
This was the final impulsion for starting the Planting for the Future initiative.
The idea that every citizen of the Czech Republic would plant a tree and those new 10 million trees could help improve the health of our landscape, the climate of our cities and spread positivity among the people involved, was born.

Photo by: Nadace Partnerství

Since then we have planted more than 1 million trees together with our local communities, schools, companies, municipalities, different active groups of people full of tree lovers.
Those trees are not only the future beauties of our cities and landscapes, but in the context of today's climate challenge, they are also an effective tool for the adaption and mitigation of its negative effects.

Photo by: Nadace Partnerství

We do not want to be, and cannot be, alone in this task. We have support from many dedicated partners. Behind us are active mayors, teachers, associations, responsible companies, esteemed experts and infectious enthusiasts.
Join our effort with your own projects and help to plant the future of your children, grandchildren, friends, hometowns and landscapes that you love!
If we do it together, we cannot fail!

Photo by: Jakub Caha

What have we already achieved thanks to your generosity?

Organised 11 years of the competition
Involved 1.100 communities supporting their favourite trees
Reached 3.3 millions voters across Europe and beyond
Built our own project, which currently involves 16 European countries

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