The "Keep Heritage trees" initiative invites landowners to keep heritage trees

20/06/2022 | By Josef Jarý
Photo by: Tamme-Lauri oak. Photo: (CC) Abrget47j / Wikipedia

Loodushoiu Fond, Estonian Private Forest Union and Luua Forestry School invite all Estonian landowners to notice and preserve heritage trees and join the voluntary initiative.

Landowners joining the initiative on Loodushoiu Fond website promise to keep heritage trees, ie trees growing on their land that are 220 cm or more in circumference, measured at breast height.
According to Hendrik Relve, a fellow of the Loodushoiu Fond, a researcher of heritage trees and a naturalist, heritage trees are important both for preserving the species richness and diversity of Estonian nature and for preserving the heritage.

“We have thousands of `põlispuid` or native heritage trees in Estonia. They grow deep in forests, but also in fields, parks and backyards. Often, these powerful trees also have their own story, which may be better known in the wider community or family, for example. However, we have not yet noticed or valued many dignified trees, "added Relve. "I already commend those land and forest owners who consciously and responsibly join the initiative."

"Indigenous trees exist today due to the actions of landowners who have voluntarily kept and valued them. We will continue to do so, "said Ando Eelmaa, Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Private Forest Union. "With this initiative, we invite everyone - both large forest owners and, for example, residents of private and apartment buildings - to notice what special trees are growing in their land. Also keep them so that they can grow even more proud and delight future generations. ”

Haana Zuba-Reinsalu, the director of Luua Forestry School, added that in order to preserve trees wisely, it is also necessary to acquire knowledge about them. The Luua Forestry School contributes to the campaign by sharing this knowledge with the students. “For example, we also train arborists who are experts in old tree maintenance. In the field of arboriculture, the in-service training course also has the opportunity to study the management of heritage trees,” added Zuba-Reinsalu.

In Estonia, heritage trees are considered to be a common term for which there is no uniform definition. Therefore, the initiators of the campaign, in cooperation with experts, have established that the most common is the heritage tree, which is at least 220 cm in circumference, measured from a breast height of 130 cm.
You can join the initiative and get more information on the website of the Loodushoiu Fond (The Nature Fund) and landowners who allow the preservation of heritage trees on a voluntary basis may also use a special label if they so wish. The label shall be sent automatically after the registration.

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