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Alarming illegal logging in Romania

20 JANUARY 2018 | By Ana Canomanuel
Photo by: Dan Dinu
In 2016, a report by Greenpeace alerted about the increasing number of illegal logging registered by the authorities in Romania. As mentioned in the report, this can be explained by an increase of the authority efficiency on identifying and documenting these cases, as well as due to the increased phenomena of illegal logging.
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A Curse Called Bark Beetle. Czech Forests Disappear at an Incredible Speed.

16 JANUARY 2018 | By Anna Petrikova
Photo by: VULHM
The year 2017 was the first year of the ten-year plan, according to which a maximum of 5900 m3 of wood should have been harvested every year in the forests of the town of Zlaté Hory, Czech Republic.  In just one year, however, the plans went down the drain. "In the year 2017, we harvested twenty-two thousand m3, four times the planned amount! It means we are scoring an own goal but there is no other way. We do not work in a forest, we work in a graveyard," Jaroslava Čechová, the manager of the Forests Zlaté Hory describes the bark beetle outbreak in the region. To make matters worse, the individually standing deciduous trees, firs, larches and pines that remained on the bark beetle infected areas, were swept by a storm at the end of 2017. The destruction was completed by the wet snow under which the remaining trees broke and uprooted.
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It’s been an eventful century for “the tree of Romania”

In the heart of the Apuseni Mountains, the Tree of the Year contest helps tree-lovers to join forces and save a plane tree in Câmpeni, a symbol of community and national unity, from being felled.

Planting4Future 2022 our second working conference on tree planting in Europe

A second edition of our working conference on how to reach the 3 billion trees pledge in Europe by 2030 was organized by the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation on 22nd of March in ...

The European tree of the Year 2022 is over; let us start the new edition!

On 22nd of March 2022, after a three-year break, forced by Covid-19 pandemic, we could finally meet in person again and enjoy the celebration of the European trees together.
The Ceremony started with awarding the winners of ...

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In Brussels, January 15th, 2016
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