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European Tree of the Year

The European Tree of the Year contest has been raising awareness of the importance of trees throughout Europe since 2011. The main purpose of the contest is to highlight the significance of trees in a natural and cultural heritage that deserves our care, attention and protection. Every year, thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of organizers and partners, the contest serves to empower local communities to pursue their grassroots work; and this is key in the protection of the environment.

Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation

The Seven-Headed Dragon is what locals call the pine from Velké Opatovice. It may be thanks to the unique way it branches that this pine was awarded and won the Czech Tree of the Year 2014 contest. The main prize in this contest was awarded for professional tree care for the pine. The same treatment was also received by a 500 years old lime tree standing not too far away. Pine´s fans used money gained in charity voting to plant new trees, shrubs and perennials at various locations in town. The Opatovice pine managed to tightened up the local community and thanks to this tree life is better here. More

Woodland Trust (UK)

Since 2010 in cooperation with the Ancient Tree Forum and the Tree Register of the British Isles, the Woodland Trusts works to maintain an inventory of the UK’s ancient trees. 120,000 special trees have been recorded already. Recently, volunteers in Scotland have been searching for ancient trees within remnants of ancient Caledonian pine forest, helping to identity priority areas for conservation. More

Fondaciya EkoObshtnost (Bulgaria)

In April, 54 enthusiastic volunteers from Sofia took part in a forest recovery effort in certain forest areas. Volunteers and friends from 2 companies planted 400 spruce saplings in a fire-devastated forest area near Kremikovtsi and more than 500 oak saplings (Quercuscerris) in a tornado-struck wooded area near Koprivshtitsa. More than 9 hectares of forests have been replanted. Young children were delighted to help their parents in these efforts. More

EPA is a consortium of six foundations from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. They support community based projects which objectives are to protect the environment and to support and build capacity in local communities. Over the last twenty years, the EPA has provided 10 million Euros of funding to these projects.

The Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation helps people take care of the environment. In 2002, it started the tradition of the Tree of the Year contest, a model that was later adopted by other European countries. The Foundation also seeks to involve people in tree planting programmes, in creating quality public spaces, in traffic calming initiatives, and in attracting sustainable tourism and cycling. It is located in the Open Garden Centre it has built in Brno, Czech Republic.

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