Aprisquillo Pine, Spain

Photo: P. Nogueras, Excelentisima Diputación de Ávila

The giant of the valley

By the stream, in La Adrada, among clouds and mountains I find myself. I am a black pine, although everyone calls me "Aprisquillo". I grew huge, tall, strong and vigorous. I hear you coming and I know you come to see me. You embrace me and give me your hand, you surround me, you sit on my exposed roots, you talk and talk about my dimensions. Together, we remember past stories about fires and plagues which I have suffered. I enjoy in silence and smile. Here, I will be forever, as a guardian, waiting for you!
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Black pine (Pinus nigra)

over 350 years

La Adrada (Ávila), Spain

N 40°21.21067', W 4°38.15150'

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