The "Ding Dong" Tree
Species: Copper beech (Fagus sylvatica f. purpurea)
Age: approx 30 years
Region: Prestonpans, Scotland, UK
The "Ding Dong" Tree
The Headteacher at Prestonpans Primary says this copper beech is so woven into the life of the school it’s almost like having an extra member of staff. The tree gets its name from a game invented by pupils who compete to touch its trunk shouting “Ding Dong!” Its protecting canopy makes it an ideal outdoor classroom, and it brings particular calm to children with complex emotions. Children hang bird feeders from the branches and it is the subject of many science and art projects. Beloved by generations of pupils, the tree has become central to the life and identity of the school.
Photo: Niall Benvie
European Tree of the Year 2017
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National contest organizer: Woodland Trust Scotland
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