European Tree of the Year 2018


We are searching for trees with the most interesting stories

Who are the winners?


In the European Tree of the Year we are searching for the tree with the most interesting story.

The votes for the European Tree of the Year 2018 are in!

The winners are:

1 - Whistler cork oak tree, Portugal
2 - Ancient elms of Cabeza Buey, Spain
3 - The oak called "the Elder of the Belgorod Forests" , Russian Federation


We look forward to your participation next year.

2018 European Tree of the Year Award Ceremony


Award ceremony 2018


The winner of the European Tree of the Year 2018 was unveiled in Brussels on March 21 to mark the International Day of Forests under the auspices of MEP Pavel POC, vice-chair of the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety at the European Parliament. The evening was moderated by Natalie Pauwels and Ladislav Miko from the European Commission, accompanied by the special presence of Daniel Calleja Crespo, Director General for Environment, and Janez Potočnik, former European Commissioner for the environment.

The celebration, which was attended by 200 participants, crowned the 200-year-old Whistler Cork Oak from Portugal as the winner. The award ceremony was organized by the Environmental Partnership Association and the European Landowners’ Organization, which aims to support activities that protect the environment, with support from TetraPak, the South Moravian Region, and Mendel University in Brno.

You can download the press release HERE.

Award Ceremony photos


Finalists of the European Tree of the Year 2018

Whistler cork oak tree
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1st place 
Ancient elms of Cabeza Buey
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2nd place 
The oak called "the Elder of the Belgorod Forests"
Russian Federation
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3rd place 
Zengővárkony's survivor, the sweet chestnut
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4th place 
The Gilwell Oak
United Kingdom
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5th place 
Apple tree from Bošáca
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6th place 
The massive plane tree - the symbol of Trsteno
Republic of Croatia
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7th place 
Sequoias from Yuchbunar
{{format_votes(11625)}} votes
8th place 
Walnut Tree in Kvasice
Czech Republic
{{format_votes(11022)}} votes
9th place 
Witches Spruce
{{format_votes(10967)}} votes
10th place 
Poplar Helena
{{format_votes(10889)}} votes
11th place 
The Lime of the Old Country
{{format_votes(10381)}} votes
12th place 
Oak from Cajvana
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13th place 

Every year, the European Tree of the Year voting brings

230 thousand people more aware of nature
attention and care for 13 trees
13 local communities united by one cause
13 countries proud of their natural heritage
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