The Thousand Year Old Lime
Species: Lime (Tilia platyphyllos)
Age: 650 years
Region: Tatobity, Liberec region, Czech republic
This tree is called “The Thousand Year Old Lime”, although it is probably a couple of centuries younger. It became a part of the community and it is pictured on the coat of arms and the flag of the village. A local chronicler remembers there was a wall around the tree when he was young and you could enter the tree hollow on a staircase and sit on a bench. In the 50’s a storm split the tree in half and a local craftsman reinforced the remains of the tree with metal bands. The rest of the tree lay untouched in Mr Sedlak’s garden until it rotted away - nobody dared to burn the wood.
Photo: Lenka Grossmannová{{photographer}}
European Tree of the Year 2016
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2nd place 
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The Thousand Year Old Lime
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