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European Tree of the Year 2016

The oldest tree of Bátaszék
72653 votes
Czech republic
The Thousand Year Old Lime
43451 votes
Pear from Bošáca - Zabudišová
29114 votes
The Oak of Bolko
23313 votes
Canicosa´s Pine-Oak
21191 votes
The oak from Danube park in Silistra
17204 votes
Tamme-Lauri oak
9064 votes
England, UK
The Cubbington Pear Tree
7858 votes
The Big oak of Liernu
1262 votes
Scotland, UK
The Suffragette Oak
1258 votes
Millennial Lime Tree of Heede
1024 votes
Weeping blue cedar
737 votes
Northern Ireland, UK
The Peace Tree
628 votes
Wales, UK
Survival at the cutting edge oak
237 votes
The Generation Tree
172 votes

EPA is a consortium of six foundations from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. They support community based projects which objectives are to protect the environment and to support and build capacity in local communities. Over the last twenty years, the EPA has provided 10 million Euros of funding to these projects.

The Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation helps people take care of the environment. In 2002, it started the tradition of the Tree of the Year contest, a model that was later adopted by other European countries. The Foundation also seeks to involve people in tree planting programmes, in creating quality public spaces, in traffic calming initiatives, and in attracting sustainable tourism and cycling. It is located in the Open Garden Centre it has built in Brno, Czech Republic.

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