Plane tree in Eger
Species: London plane (Platanus acerifolia)
Age: 250 years
Region: Eger, Heves county, Hungary
Several remarkable tree species thrive in the environs of the Eger thermal spa: under the special climatic conditions they develop fast and grow high. From among these extraordinary trees an Eastern Sycamore was nominated in the contest. The legend has it that in 1552, during the successfully defended Turkish attack against the Eger castle the Turk army was directed from under this tree. Unfortunately the legend is not true, this tree was planted together with many others at the time when Karoly Eszterhazy was the bishop of the city (18th c.) The nominators are taking good care of all trees in the area with the help of fireworkers. The tree is protected since 1978.
Photo: Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation{{photographer}}
European Tree of the Year 2013
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1st place 
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Plane tree in Eger
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1st place 
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