Apple tree near Lidmans
Species: Apple tree (Malus domestica var. 'Reinette de Blenheim')
Age: 70 years
Region: Machov, Náchod district
Apple tree near Lidmans
The apple tree in the garden of the Lidman pub in Machovská Lhota quietly witnesses the stories of the people. It provides shade in the summer and fruits in the autumn. Not only to locals but also to visitors who came for the beauty of the Table Mountains and nature found on the Czech-Polish border. She has witnessed the birth of many loves, first meetings, weddings, festivities as well as sad events. The tree is a part of local life. For those in the Czech countryside, fruit trees are a symbol of tradition, because many people have apple trees in their gardens and harvest the fruit for strudel, juice or apple cider. However, the apple tree near Lidman is also a truly European tree, as evidenced by the fact that this variety Reneta blenheim was bred at the birthplace of Winston Churchill.
Photo: Marek Olbrzymek{{photographer}}
European Tree of the Year 2021
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7th place 
Nominated by: Mirka Soldánová, MAS Stolové hory, Police nad Metují, Městys Machov, schools in Machov, Czech Association of Gardeners, Restaurant and Accommodation U Lidmanů, Kladské pomezí
National contest organizer: Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation
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Apple tree near Lidmans
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