The Survivor Tree
Species: Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia L.)
Age: 70-100 years
Region: 9LH, A708, Moffat, Scotland, UK
Where one tree survives, a million trees will grow!
Borders Forest Trust based its slogan: “Where one tree survives, a million trees will grow,” on a lone rowan clinging to a stream bank in Carrifran Valley. Today that survivor tree is lonely no more! It is surrounded by a little forest of its children and In addition to its own children, the rowan tree now has over half a million other native Scottish trees for company. The rowan tree no longer stands alone and is a symbol of the 20-year journey to revive the wild heart of Southern Scotland.
Photo: Aiden Maccormick{{photographer}}
European Tree of the Year 2021
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11th place 
Nominated by: Fiona from Borders Forest Trust
National contest organizer: Woodland Trust
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{{format_votes(31197)}} votes
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{{format_votes(30886)}} votes
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