The weeping sophoras of the Csokonai Theatre in Debrecen
Species: Hanging Japanese acacia (Styphnolobium (Sophora) japonicum 'Pendula')
Age: 100
Region: Debrecen, Hajdú-Bihar region, Hungary
A Cultural couple of trees
The Csokonai Theatre in Debrecen was opened on 7 October, 1865. The trees in front of the building are 100 years old and they have a huge vaulted crown canopy. They often looked through the windows of the theatre, and every night they had something to talk about. They looked behind the scenes, saw thousands of successes and failures, experienced periods of need and glittering years. Our trees are curiosities in Hungary as well, they are under local protection, the people in Debrecen love and protect them.
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European Tree of the Year 2022
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10th place 
Nominated by: Debrecen Város Zöld Munkacsoportja
Previous years and their winners

Finalists of the European Tree of the Year 2022

Oak Dunin
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1st place 
Oak of Conxo's Banquet Forest
{{format_votes(168284)}} votes
2nd place 
The Big Cork Oak
{{format_votes(70563)}} votes
3rd place 
Chestnut of the hundred horses
{{format_votes(46275)}} votes
4th place 
Umbrella from High Tatras
{{format_votes(37872)}} votes
5th place 
Kippford Leaning Tree
United Kingdom (Scotland)
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6th place 
The Singing Lime
Czech Republic
{{format_votes(28649)}} votes
7th place 
The Multisecular Sweet Chestnut of Audran Square
{{format_votes(28119)}} votes
8th place 
Age Grand Oak
{{format_votes(27098)}} votes
9th place 
The weeping sophoras of the Csokonai Theatre in Debrecen
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10th place 
The giant sequoia from Slatina
Republic of Croatia
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11th place 
The Giant Sequoia of the Collège Notre Dame de Bonlieu
{{format_votes(25724)}} votes
12th place 
The King's Pine
{{format_votes(25346)}} votes
13th place 
Grandpa Kolyo's tree
{{format_votes(24431)}} votes
14th place 
I am Tilia
The Netherlands
{{format_votes(24201)}} votes
15th place 
The Turgenev oak
Russian Federation
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