Umbrella from High Tatras
Species: Weeping European beech (Fagus Sylvatica Pendula)
Age: 70
Region: Starý Smokovec - High Tatras, Poprad district, Prešov region, Slovakia
Symbol of Starý Smokovec
Now it's impossible to find out who planted the tree - it was probably planted in the 1950s by students from the Horticultural School in Lednice in Moravia during the "Great Cleaning". Since the unusual sloping building of the Mountain Rescue Service grew up in the centre of Starý Smokovec, the tree has found itself under the protective wings of all of the members who even saved it from being cut down. Although it is the most common tree in Europe, it is unique in the High Tatras. And there is definitely only one that looks like this.
Photo: Martin Babarík{{photographer}}
European Tree of the Year 2022
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5th place 
Nominated by: Združenie cestovného ruchu Vysoké Tatry
National contest organizer: Slovak Environmental Partnership Foundation
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