Tree of the Year Mission

Tree of the Year is a contest looking for a tree with a story. The aim of the contest is to empower people and get local communities involved in the environmental and local heritage protection. We believe that by gathering around a tree, people are more likely to take action again in the future for other environmental causes and for the wellbeing of the community.
The Tree of the Year promotes old trees as an essential element of our cultural and natural capital, by drawing public and media attention to trees and enhancing their protection in the social and political agendas.

Towards a World Tree of the Year

The Environmental Partnership Association is happy to see the Tree of the Year family growing. And we are so proud that this 16 year Czech born baby, already European teenager, is from the initially local initiative expanding little by little around the world. 

In 2016 the Asian Tree of the Year started in Sri Lanka, and was introduced at the Award Ceremony in Brussels. In 2017, India, Nepal, Malaysia and Singapore have joined Sri Lanka into the competition, which aims to kick-start the conversation about the necessity of safeguarding biodiversity heritage. 

In Quebec, Canada, a survivor American elm has been crowned “Quebec Tree of the Year 2016”: it that has gone through tornados and ice storms, but still stands majestically in the middle of picnics, weddings and family meetings. 

In Australia, a giant Mountain Ash tree located in the Toolangi State Forest in Victoria has win over the 9 tree contestants. The contest has been organized in 2016 for the first time by the National Trust of Australia (Victoria), with the aim of raising awareness for the conservation of Victoria’s natural heritage and the benefits that significant trees provide.

The Russian Tree of the Year 2016-17 is running also for the first time: 12 trees have been chosen by a commission of experts taking into account their natural and cultural significance. The winning tree will participate in the 2018 European Tree of the Year. The organisers are happy to contribute to the popularization of the preservation of old trees by being part of the European Tree of the Year family. 

Our aim at the Environmental Partnership Association is to make the Tree of the Year a globally recognised brand, promoting the world’s natural attractions: its trees. 

More information

European Tree of the Year

Asian Tree of the Year

EPA is a consortium of six foundations from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. They support community based projects which objectives are to protect the environment and to support and build capacity in local communities. Over the last twenty years, the EPA has provided 10 million Euros of funding to these projects.

The Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation helps people take care of the environment. In 2002, it started the tradition of the Tree of the Year contest, a model that was later adopted by other European countries. The Foundation also seeks to involve people in tree planting programmes, in creating quality public spaces, in traffic calming initiatives, and in attracting sustainable tourism and cycling. It is located in the Open Garden Centre it has built in Brno, Czech Republic.

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