Trees can't talk. But we hear them. Do you?


For years, we've celebrated our beloved trees through the European Tree of the Year contest. But we also give a voice to Trees in Need.

As a fellow tree lover we think you hear them, too. Your support and small gift can ensure their stories are heard by others.


Read stories about Trees in Need on our blog


There are trees across Europe today crying out to be heard.


Unfortunately, laws protecting trees and our natural heritage in the European Union and its member-states are weak. That's why it's time for you, me and everyone to speak up for Trees in Need.

Join other tree-lovers by making a donation* to help protect Europe's Trees in Need through advocacy, education, legislation and grass- roots actions. Even a little gift will help ensure that our trees' voices are heard.

*100% of your gift will be used for tree advocacy initiatives of the Environmental Partnership Association and its grantees, including tree planting, education and awareness activities (Tree of the Year contest and newsletter) and advocacy (petitions presented to the EU in Brussels.)

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