Evropský strom roku 2021


Hledáme stromy s nejsilnějším příběhem

For eleven years we have been searching for trees with the most interesting stories.


The voting for European Tree of the Year finished on 28th February 2021.

The results were announced on March 17th 2021.

See the results.

Finalisté ankety Evropský strom roku 2021


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Voting period: 1st February (00:00 CET) - 28th February (23:59 CET) 2021.

A person can only vote once using their personal e-mail address.

The voter always selects two candidates for the European Tree of the Year and confirms the vote.

Votes sent from disposable e-mail addresses are not allowed and will be cancelled.

Environmental Partnership Association  reserves the privilege to check if an e-mail address is used in line with the rules of the competition and if it is not, to delete such a vote.

In case the server gets overloaded with fraudulent votes, Nadace Partnerství, the organizer of the contest, reserves the privilege to stop the votes.

Personal data (e-mail addresses) are only used to identify voters and will not be used for other purposes or disclose to third parties unless you have chosen to receive the newsletter.

Environmental Partnership Association, the organizer of the contest, reserves the right to stop voting or change the rules of voting.

Jedes Jahr bewirkt die Wahl zum "Europäischen Baum des Jahres", dass

200.000 Menschen mehr über unsere Umwelt nachdenken
14 Bäume mehr Aufmerksamkeit und Pflege erhalten
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14 Länder stolz auf ihr natürliches Erbe sind
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