The Giant Wild Pear of Gödöllő
Species: Wild pear (Pyrus pyraster)
Age: 280 years
Region: Gödöllő, Pest county, Hungary
One of the oldest and highest wild pear trees in Hungary, still bearing fruit lives in the Botanical Garden of Gödöllő. It is 20 metres high and it's girth is 3 metres. In the 18th century count Grassalkovich planted one thousand wild pear trees, as he had found shelter from such a tree when running away from a wounded wild in the past. They say that Kossuth wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1849 under this tree but it is called the tree of lovers as well, as count Andrássy met and fell in love with Queen Sissy here.
Photo: Gábor Takács{{photographer}}
European Tree of the Year 2014
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2nd place 
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