European Tree of the Year 2019


We are searching for trees with the most interesting stories

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In the European Tree of the Year contest, we are searching for the tree with the most interesting story. Voting takes place from 1 to 28 February 2019. When voting, always select two trees. Votes in the last week (from 22 to 28 February) are secret, meaning that preliminary vote counts will not be available on the web page.

The results will be announced at the Award Ceremony in Brussels, the 19th of March, where the winners will be awarded.

Finalists of the European Tree of the Year 2019

The Our Lady Tree of Lummen
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The venerable Turkey oak near Rani lug village
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Gubec linden
Republic of Croatia
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Lime tree of Liberty
Czech Republic
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The bird-tree
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The Almond Tree of the Snowy Hill in Pécs
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Raudonė Castle Lime
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The Pet-oak
The Netherlands
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Kneeling tree
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Secular Holm Oak from Monte Barbeiro
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The towering plane from Câmpeni
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The Abramtsevo Oak
Russian Federation
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The Guardian of Great Moravia's secrets
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Elm of Navajas
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Nellie's Tree
United Kingdom
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Rules of voting


Voting period: 1st February (00:00 CET) - 28th February (23:59 CET) 2019.

A person can only vote once using their personal e-mail address.

The voter always selects two candidates for the European Tree of the Year and confirms the vote.

Votes sent from disposable e-mail addresses are not allowed and will be cancelled.

Environmental Partnership Association  reserves the privilege to check if an e-mail address is used in line with the rules of the competition and if it is not, to delete such a vote.

In case the server gets overloaded with fraudulent votes, Nadace Partnerství, the organizer of the contest, reserves the privilege to stop the votes.

Personal data (e-mail addresses) are only used to identify voters and will not be used for other purposes or disclose to third parties unless you have chosen to receive the newsletter.

Environmental Partnership Association, the organizer of the contest, reserves the right to stop voting or change the rules of voting.

Every year, the European Tree of the Year voting brings

200 thousand people more aware of nature
attention and care for 15 trees
15 local communities united by one cause
15 countries proud of their natural heritage
The contest is organised by
National contest organisers