Planting our future - 10,000,000 trees in the Czech Republic!

7/10/2019 | Hannah Boylan
Derek Halsey
Our mother organisation Nadace Partnerstvi (Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation) are embarking on an ambitious new project for the Czech Republic called Sazime Budoucnost (Planting our Future).  Led by Director of Strategies, Miroslav Kundrata, the project involves the planting of 10,000,000 new trees, one for each citizen of the country.
Derek Halsey
Kundrata says that the project was inspired from last years Trees of Freedom initiative, where special trees planted to celebrate the birth of Czechoslovakia 100 years previously, were found and mapped along with new trees being planted to celebrate the countries’ centenary.  There was so much public support for the scheme, it highlighted the strength of feeling towards trees that the Czech people have.
Derek Halsey
After an initial workshop with tree planting organisations, experts and the Czech Minister for the Environment it has been decided that the project will involve:
  • Linking organisations, towns and cities that are currently planting trees and recording and mapping them
  • Bringing together people who would love to plant trees but don’t know where or how
  • Finding land where trees can best be planted
  • Choosing the right trees for the right environments
  • Finding funding, whether through individuals, companies or subsidies
  • And, importantly, organising after care, so many tree planting schemes fail because the watering and management of trees are not factored in from the beginning.

Derek Halsey
The project is aiming to be well on the way for the optimal time of year for planting in autumn with the launch of the portal this summer, and an initial planting of a ‘Liberty Alley’ is already planned to celebrate the countries’ 30th anniversary since the Velvet Revolution (the end of communist rule in Czechoslovakia).