The Elm Tree from Căpeni (Köpec)

Species: elm (Ulmus campestris)
Age: 300 years years
Region: Căpeni, Harghita county, Romania

There exists a saying: “There is a problem in Köpec”. Because of this saying the village is well-known in the Carpathian basin. The saying has a sad origin. During the 1848 revolution a villager shot over the Austrian General Heydte. The general revenged this action burning down the village and killing the attackers. 51 villagers were killed leaving 106 orphans. Near the elm, along the centuries a water mill functioned that had a great role in the life of the villagers. It was not only a place for cereal grinding but also an important meeting place where personal and community problems were discussed. The importance of this place is also indicated by the fact that while in some period of the year dancing and singing were forbidden by the church’s rules the mill was allowed to work even Sundays, allowing the elm to be part of the village life.
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