Major Oak

Species: Pedunculate Oak (Quercus Robur)
Age: 800-1000 years
Region: Nottinghamshire, England, UK

The Major Oak is a pedunculate oak found in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, England. Around 800 years old, according to folklore its hollow trunk was used as a hideout by Robin Hood and his merry men. Today, the world famous tree weighs an estimated 23 tonnes, its trunk circumference is 33 feet (10m) and its branches spread to over 92 feet (28m). Because of its national importance, conservation measures to the tree have been carried out continually since 1908. Today, slender steel poles prop the sprawling limbs of this forest giant, which is visited annually by  thousands of people at Nottinghamshire County Council’s Sherwood Forest Country Park.
Tree of the year 2015
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