Alley in Skalička
Species: pedunculate oaks and limes (Quercus robur, Tilia sp.)
Age: from 100 to 400 years
Region: Skalička, Olomouc region, Czech Republic
This alley consists of 22 limes and 10 oaks and is situated in a park around a local castle which now hosts a home from intellectually disabled girls and women. Skalička is a little village in Central Bohemia where only about 550 people live. Despite of that, the children from the local school managed to collect almost 12 thousands votes for the alley in the Czech Tree of the Year 2011 contest. They spend a lot of time learning and playing under the trees, imagining ancient princesses and princes playing in the park too. Originally the alley was mainly oaks - it stabilized the banks of two ponds. Step by step the oaks were being replaced by lime trees and thus we can see 450 years old oaks next to just a hundred years old limes in the alley. Ponds were dried up and so the trees now border a pathway.
Photo: Petr Francán{{photographer}}
European Tree of the Year 2012
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6th place 
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