The Old Lime Tree of Felsőmocsolád
Species: lime (Tilia sp.)
Age: 400 years
Region: Felsőmocsolád, Somogy county, Hungary
Legend has it that many years ago, after a devastating forest fire, this 400 year old lime tree gave the seeds to revive the woods, with the help of a “garabonciás” (in Hungarian mythology a male figure who learnt magic). The story says that the tree has become one with the garabonciás and now protects the forest with magic power. This story  was preserved by the Bánó family, who were living in the area. It is still a tradition for them that the youngest family members are introduced to the "old man". And when the little ones are able to climb the tree, they can do the trial: climbing up to the top in the hollows of the tree to take a look at the wonderful gift of nature that was always renewing the forest.
Photo: Miklós Sélley{{photographer}}
European Tree of the Year 2012
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The Old Lime Tree of Felsőmocsolád
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