Pistacia in Ghisonaccia (Haute-Corse)
Species: pistacia (Pistacia lentiscus)
Age: 800 - 1000 years
Region: Ghisonaccia, Corsica, France
In 1991, Élise Inversin, a shepherdess, was clearing the underwood in the neighbourhood near her house, in order to limit fire hazards frequent in the Corsican scrub, and protect her sheep. By doing so, she discovered a tree buried there for years under gravel. Straight away she realized how ancient it was: between 800 and 1000 years old! On the 8th of July 2000, the neighbourhood was engulfed in flames. When the firemen arrived to protect her villa, she stoped them: “A house, you can build it again. But that tree will never be replaced if it burns!” Since then, Pistacia lentiscus has become the star of the village. Its candidature to the French contest was submitted by Camille (10 years old). Last November, a national jury voted unanimously for Pistacia lentiscus among 26 other regional nominees. The Corsican tree received the title of Tree of the Year 2011, first contest of the kind in France launched by the magazine Terre Sauvage.
Photo: Terre Sauvage{{photographer}}
European Tree of the Year 2012
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7th place 
National contest organizer: Terre Sauvage
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Pistacia in Ghisonaccia (Haute-Corse)
{{format_votes(2056)}} votes
7th place 
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