Weeping blue cedar

Species: Cedrus atlantica (Glauca Pendula)
Age: 150 years years
Region: Hauts de Seine, France

Nestled in the heart of the arboretum “la Vallée-aux-Loups”, near the remains of Chateaubriand, the ancestor of all the weeping cedar stands enthroned majestically. 150 years ago, a nurseryman planted blue Atlas cedar. But a mutation appeared giving a weeping character that tree. Other specimens present in the world all come from cuttings or transplants performed from this single specimen. Spectacular when viewed from afar in the park, this blue Atlas cedar is even more surprising and impressive when we slide under its foliage which offers 700m2 of protection to its visitors.
Tree of the year 2016
737 votes
12th place
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National contest organizer: Milan Presse – Terre sauvage