Stelmužė oak

Species: Common oak (Quercus robur L.)
Age: morethan1000 years
Region: Stelmužė village, Zarasai district, Utena county, Lithuania

The Stelmužė oak - a symbol of statehood and strength

You will find  1,000 — 1,500 years old Stelmužė oak, one of the oldest trees in Europe and a symbol of
strength, in the Northeast of Lithuania near the XVII century wooden church built by Latvian masters without the use of a single iron nail. Indeed, Lithuanians say that a man is as strong as Stelmužė oak. Tourists experience Stelmužė oak’s beauty and rich history of sacrifices by pagan priests under its branches or skeleton and rifle of a Napoleonic soldier found in its cavity. In Lithuania, acorns of Stelmužė oak are used to propagate many oaks, preserving this veteran tree‘s genes for many years to come.
Tree of the year 2017
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12th place
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National contest organizer: Lithuanian Arboricultural Center