Age Grand Oak

Species: English Oak (Quercus robur L.)
Age: ~250 years
Region: Medni, Vidrizu parish, Limbazu distict, Latvia

Age Grand Oak and its liberation story

After the Soviet occupation our family regained our grandfather’s farmlands. We found a mighty oak standing firm on the bank of river Aģe. We cleared it of bushes and named it Aģe Grand Oak. It inspired us to realise that Latvia has the second largest density of grand trees in Europe. Now the oak is the starting point of the Poweroak hike and it has inspired us to plant a new Poweroak grove. Aģe Grand Oak has become a popular tree in the Limbaži region. With the awakening of the Latvian nation, this oak tree has opened up to the world to celebrate, educate and inspire! - Ivars Smits caregiver of Age Grand oak
Tree of the year 2022
27098 votes
9th place
Nominated by: Ivars Šmits
National contest organizer: Forest Certification Council of Latvia