The Singing Lime

Species: Large-leaved lime (Tilia platyphyllos L.)
Age: 700 years years
Region: Telecí, Pardubice region, Czech Republic

A source of inspiration and energy

The Singing (or the Lukas) Lime is one of the oldest and biggest trees in the Czech Republic. Legend has it that at the end of 17th century an old, hard of hearing man was hiding inside the hollow trunk, singing loudly while transcribing forbidden psalms. Passersby thought the tree itself was singing. People draw its energy or look for the inspiration which the tree has become to many artists. They repay it through their care, for instance, when it was damaged by wood-decay fungus or struck by lightning. Today its descendants grow not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.
Tree of the year 2022
28649 votes
7th place
Nominated by: Olga Kosíková, Primary School and Kindergarten Telecí, Scout Centre Tilia Polička, Ekocentrum Jablíčko, CSOP Polička, Municipal Library Polička, Municipality Telecí, Czech & Slovak Community and School Bristol
National contest organizer: Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation