Plane tree from Komjatice

Species: London plane (Platanus acerifolia)
Age: 140 years years
Region: Komjatice, Nitra region, south-western Slovakia

The plane tree grows in the village of Komjatice in the south-western part of Slovakia in the Nitra region. It is said to be the biggest tree in Slovakia nad one of the seven biggest living organisms in Europe. It used to be a part of the park surrounding the local castle, summer house of the Grassalkovic family. The park resembled a floodplain forest. During the renovation of the castle between 1852 and 1872, the premisses were rebuilt into a park. This is probably when the plane tree was planted, it is provable it is at least 140 years old. The plane is the most important part of the local natural heritage of Komjatice. A life-size picture of a part of the trees drawn by local childern decorates the local school. The word "plane" is also a part of many of local civic and cultural organisations.
Tree of the year 2013
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