The Mulberry and Walnut trees of Glushnik

Species: 2 walnut trees (Juglans regia) and a mulberry tree (Morus alba L.)
Age: 200years(walnuts),500years years
Region: Village of Glushnik, Sliven region, Bulgaria

A group of 3 majestic century-old trees in the yard of a village house in Glushnik - 2 walnut trees and a mulberry - provoked their owner to dig deeper into the past. Thus Stefan Stefanov set forth on a journey of historical findings linking the place to outstanding figures of the Bulgarian Ottoman Liberation period. Pascal Voevoda has once been the owner of the house and has often gathered the rebels under the trees, which now keep the long-gone historic secrets. The trees are at the starting point of a former Roman road. Historic sources link the site to the ancient Thracian civilisation - only 1 km away mounds and a sanctuary have been found. The locals are committed to promote the protected trees along with their rich historic heritage.
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