Plane tree in Kozy

Species: London plane (Platanus acerifolia)
Age: over200 years
Region: Kozy, Silesia, south Poland

Plane tree in the village Kozy (situated between the historical regions of Malopolska and Silesia) is more than 200 years old. Its huge trunk consisting of several ingrown seedlings standing in the middle of a manor park resembles a wind-rose. As a noble gift from previous generations and the anonymous gardener who planted the tree. The plane constitutes a symbol for those who engage actively in their community since people perish but trees stay to tell their story. The plane is a venue for local activities such as competitions, gatherings, concerts, sport and community events. It is a meeting point for couples in love and children. It is a focal point around which current community life revolves; exactly as it used to revolve centuries ago.
Tree of the year 2013
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2nd place
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National contest organizer: Klub Gaja