King Oak
Species: pedunculate oak (Quercus robur)
Age: 400 - 800 years
Region: Charleville Forest Estate, Tullamore, County Offaly, Ireland
Most Tullamore inhabitants have interacted with the King Oak at some time in their lives. To climb its majestic lower branches - that now touch the ground and stretch to an amazing 50 meters was a sign of great courage. Teenage romances started and ended at this mysterious giant tree. "As a young boy growing up in Tullamore, my fascination with the King Oak was tinged with fear. As children we were told that if a branch fell from the tree a member of the Hutton-Bury family – the owners of Charleville Estate, would die. In 1963, a bolt of lightening did strike the tree and true to legend, Colonel Charles Hutton-Bury died some weeks later." remembers the nominator of the King Oak Tom Roche from Just Forests. Long live the King (Oak)!
Photo: Just Forests{{photographer}}
European Tree of the Year 2013
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3rd place 
National contest organizer: Just Forests
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