Lime Tree in the Nové Dvory Alley
Species: lime (Tilia cordata)
Age: about 200 years
Region: Nové Dvory, Southern Moravia, Czech Republic
This lime tree is the most vigorous memorable tree in the alley near Vavřinec (Southern Moravia). The alley of 57 limes planted at the beginning of the 19th Century is a remain of alleys bordering the road from the Blansek castle to the town of Blansko. Reclamation of this beautiful alley started 2 years ago as an initiative of three students. After the removal of undergrowth, the alley got a pruning treatment.
Photo: Lenka Grossmannová{{photographer}}
European Tree of the Year 2013
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4th place 
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Lime Tree in the Nové Dvory Alley
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