The Lime of the Old Country
Species: Small-leaved Lime (Tilia cordata)
Age: 400 years
Region: Bioul, Wallonia, Belgium
The storyteller lime
The lime tree of Vî Payîs (‘Old Country’) in Bioul, the largest small-leaved lime tree in the country, is one of the most outstanding trees in Wallonia. The roles that have been attributed to it, as nobility or a landmark, have died out over time. The fact that this tree has resisted all assaults and threats can only be understood as a collective desire to preserve it as a symbol or parcel of memory. It continues to be the subject of attention and admiration by the population.
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European Tree of the Year 2018
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12th place 
Nominated by: Municipality of Anhée
National contest organizer: Walloon Foundation for Habitats Conservation
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