Walnut Tree in Kvasice

Species: Black walnut (Juglans nigra)
Age: 230 years years
Region: Kvasice, Zlín Region, Czech Republic

The Gem in the Park

In 1790, Jan Nepomuk, Count of Lamberg founded a park where a black walnut was planted among other trees. Leopoldina Thun, born Countess of Lamberg, had a wooden chapel built under the tree in memory of her father who drowned in the Morava river. After the park opened to the public, the place became a destination of frequent spiritual visits. The tree was in a very bad condition caused by floods in 1997, when the park was under water. Thanks to professional intervention, however, the walnut tree recovered and is still the gem of the park.
Tree of the year 2018
11022 votes
9th place
Nominated by: Zdeněk Zapletal, Kvasice
National contest organizer: Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation