Witches Spruce

Species: Norway spruce (Picea abies L.)
Age: 170years years
Region: Vilkyškiai forest near to Vilkyškiai town, Pagėgiai municipality, Lithuania

Mysterious Witches’ Broom

The Witches Spruce is 34 m in height, its 18 trunks (one of which was broken in a storm in 2007) branch at 80 cm, giving the appearance of tangled witch’s hair. One legend says the witch's broom turned into the tree because she met a local man she liked, and forgot to fetch her broom until midnight. Another story tells that Napoleon cut off the top of a small spruce while he was riding a horse, and it grew back into its strange shape as a result. Many legends have been captured in children's drawings.
Tree of the year 2018
10967 votes
10th place
Nominated by: Rambynas regional park
National contest organizer: Lithuanian Arboricultural Center