Sequoias from Yuchbunar

Species: Sequoia gigantea
Age: 130 years years
Region: Village of Bogoslov, Yuchbunar site, region of Kyustendil, Bulgaria

The magnificent sequoas near Bogoslov village

3 magnificent giant sequoias are located near the village of Bogoslov in Kyustendil. They are part of a naturally formed sequoia forest and are a natural phenomenon. Sequoia seeds were first brought to Bulgaria by the renowned forester Yordan Mitrev at the end of the 19th century. These are the oldest and tallest sequoia trees in Bulgaria. They have an important place in the history of forestry. Many people from the region and the country would visit the site to hug the trees and benefit from their energy.
Tree of the year 2018
11625 votes
8th place
Nominated by: Tourist Association Osogovo, town of Kyustendil & Jivko Konstantinov, TV reporter, Sofia