Guardian of the Flooded Village

Species: Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris)
Age: 350 years years
Region: Chudobín, Vysočina region, Czech republic

Memento of the lost village

This pine from Chudobín grows on the rocky headland of the dam called Vír. The name of the pine is in connection with the flooded village of Chudobín, which ceased to exist due to the construction of a dam. According to a legend narrated by locals, a devil sat under the pine in the night and played the violin. However it is much more likely that they were hearing the strong winds blowing over the valley. This pine tree is not only an important landmark but also an impressive testimony to its high resistance to climate change and human impact.

Please do not approach the Chudobin pine tree and do not enter the protection zone of the Vír water reservoir. Illegal visits to a tree threaten the tree. If you want to keep it for future generations, stay away from it.

Tree of the year 2020
47226 votes
1st place
Nominated by: Milan Peňáz, municipality of Vír, Dalečín and Bystřice nad Pernštejnem with support of local community
National contest organizer: Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation