Multisecular Fir Tree - Guardian of Cibin

Species: Silver fir (Abies alba)
Age: around500 years
Region: Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania

Guardian of Cibin

In the Cibin Valley there lived a shepherd who had 10 sheep. On a stormy day, the shepherd sheltered his sheep under the crown of a fir tree and fell asleep. When he woke up the storm had stopped, but the sheep were gone. The shepherd prayed to find the lost animals. He then fell asleep, dreaming that the fir had grown very high and thick. The dream came true. The young man climbed to the top of the fir tree and saw the sheep in a meadow. He told the villagers of this miracle, and decided to protect the fir tree.
Tree of the year 2020
18279 votes
5th place
Nominated by: Paul Bordaș
National contest organizer: GEO-CARTEDD