Precious Sorb Tree

Species: Sorb Tree (Sorbus Domestica)
Age: 250 years years
Region: Uzovská Panica, district Rimavská Sobota, Slovakia

Living memory

This precious Sorb Tree was planted during the reign of Maria Theresia. Because of its robustness people used it as a boundary tree between the villages. The tree still bears large pink-yellow pear-shaped fruits. Sorbs are mysterious and rare in this region of Slovakia. Nowadays, a lone tree is just a memory of the former prosperous period of fruit growing in the region. Therefore it is a challenge for future generations to save existing precious trees and discover more that have been almost forgotten.
Tree of the year 2020
13582 votes
10th place
Nominated by: Ján Vigoda, OZ ZOGOR - Association for the Protection of genetically endangered plants