The Three-Legged Spanish Oak

Species: Holm oak (Quercus ilex)
Age: 1200 years years
Region: Mendaza, Navarra, Spain

The oldest three-legged oak in the world

This oak is estimated at an approximate age of 1,200 years, which almost certainly makes it one of the oldest oaks in all of the Iberian Peninsula. It is also an emblem for Mendaza's neighbors. Its spectacular shape with a trunk that is completely hollow on the inside and supported only on three large legs, makes it very popular and the greatest landmark for all of the town's inhbitants. Many treat the tree much like a neighbour, making weekly trips up the mountain to “greet” him and ask questions as he is the oldest living thing in the town.
Tree of the year 2020
14456 votes
9th place
Nominated by: Mendaza Council
National contest organizer: Bosques Sin Fronteras