Oak Fabrykant

Species: Common oak (Quercus robur L.)
Age: 180 years
Region: Łódź, Poland

King of oaks in a sea of flowers

This is one of the most original trees in Poland, a symbol of longevity and wisdom. Its unique shape attracts visitors to the park Klepacz in Łódź. One of its branches is s-shaped and is over 20 m long. Its canopy reaches an impressive 33 m. In the spring we can admire sapphire meadows around the oak, full of glories of the snow and siberian squills enhancing the noble nature of the tree.

Tree of the year 2023
45718 votes
1st place
Nominated by: Przemysław Bartos (Przyroda dla Sosnowca)
National contest organizer: Klub Gaja