Encina of San Roque

Species: Spanish oak (Quercus ilex L.)
Age: 400 years
Region: Colindres, Cantabria, Spain

The oak that resisted and conquered

This holm oak has rooted its roots in the Monte de La Redonda de Colindres for 400 years, watching over the Camino Real that runs at its feet. For centuries, it was spared the massive clearing of the forest, promoted by shipyards, for shipbuilding. In 1778, it's represented on the plan of the Salt Route, as a main reference. His story is a story of resistance: he didn't succumb to adversity and was neither firewood nor coal nor galleon, but a protective tree of travelers and walkers.

Tree of the year 2023
10174 votes
6th place
Nominated by: Council of Colindres
National contest organizer: Bosques Sin Fronteras