The Brown Cherry Pear of Klerken

Species: Common Pear (Pyrus Communis L.)
Age: 102 years
Region: Klerken, West-Flanders, Belgium

Cultural identity of the village of Klerken

The tree has contributed to Klerken's cultural identity. For many years, this village organised a perelaarommegang, a procession around the fruit of the tree. After 20 years of standstill, this will be organised again in August 2023 by the vzw perenstoet klerken,the organisation that submitted the tree. Throughout history, the pears have been an important symbol for the village, so a street was also named after the tradition: the Perelaarommegang.

Tree of the year 2023
4823 votes
15th place
Nominated by: Niels Deceuninck (NPO Pear Procession Klerken)