Poplar Helena
Species: Black poplar (populus nigra)
Age: 220 years
Region: Hel, Pomorskie province, Poland
'No tree becomes rooted and sturdy unless many a wind assails it' (Seneca the Younger).
Helena, a natural monument, stands in the most beautiful part of Poland, unique in Europe. The name of the poplar was not chosen randomly. It emphasizes the identity of the place it grows in. The tree has witnessed many events and transformations in the community of Hel. Its life is related to the drama of warfare and the heroic defence of Hel. Like the queen of the surrounding landscape, the poplar towers majestically along the path leading to the headland. For more information visit www.Helena.goHel.pl
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European Tree of the Year 2018
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11th place 
Nominated by: City Hall of Hel and Secondary School in Hel
National contest organizer: Klub Gaja
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{{format_votes(10889)}} votes
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