Zengővárkony's survivor, the sweet chestnut
Species: Sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa)
Age: 300 years
Region: Zengővárkony, Southern Transdanubia, Hungary
The 300-year-old survivor
Zengővárkony is famous far and wide for its ancient sweet chestnut-wood, which embraces the small village of 400 souls. Chestnut was the source of growth for the locals; therefore they lovingly cared for the trees. As centuries have passed, the tree has healed from crustal cancer, survived nationalization after the war and even once being set on fire in a cold winter. For the locals the 300-year-old chestnut tree is the symbol of continuity and its desire to live gives strength to them.
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European Tree of the Year 2018
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4th place 
Nominated by: Pécsváradért Foundation
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