The Venerable Oak in Novo Selo Village
Species: Common oak (Quercus robur)
Age: about 500 years
Region: Village of Novo selo, Veliko Tarnovo Municipality, Bulgaria
The Venerable Oak - a memory and symbol of Novo Selo village
The five-century-old oak, which is nowadays in the center of the village, has been a silent witness to the building of the new settlement on the Balkans mountainside. The village of Novo selo appeared at the site of a former thick oak forest and swamps. The oak’s bark has kept and carried through the centuries the story of this village, built in 1750. In 2010, for the celebrations of its 260th anniversary, the local people planted a small oak near the old tree. They wanted to ensure that the “old man” - while still alive – will hand down the story of Novo selo to its younger heir. Oh, if only the oak could tell its story today…
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European Tree of the Year 2020
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14th place 
Nominated by: Darina Arnaudova-Gorchakova, journalist at Bulgarian National Radio
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