The Tree of Freedom
Species: Horse-chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum)
Age: 223 years
Region: Waret-la-Chaussée, Wallonia, Belgium
The Tree of Freedom of the Waret citizens, a symbol of the defence of our rural character
A tree is a true symbol of liberty. Liberty is rooted in the heart of the people like a tree thrusts its roots into the heart of the earth. The horse chestnut tree of the Waret citizens symbolises the defence of their rural character. It was planted in 1796 as ordered by the executive Directory of the Canton of Eghezée to celebrate the fall of the "tyrant" Louis XVI. In 1807 a stone niche was erected at its foot endowing it with a sacred character and an aura of tranquility.
Photo: Quentin NOËL{{photographer}}
European Tree of the Year 2020
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15th place 
Nominated by: Association "For the rurality of Warêt"
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{{format_votes(11691)}} votes
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{{format_votes(11372)}} votes
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{{format_votes(11191)}} votes
14th place 
The Tree of Freedom
{{format_votes(10942)}} votes
15th place 
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{{format_votes(10730)}} votes
16th place 
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